Welcome to the U.K. North West ECS Student Chapter. The chapter has been formed with the aim of strengthening collaboration and networking between the students taking part in diverse, internationally renowned, electrochemical research within the North West of the UK. Personally, during my PhD program, I have been afforded the opportunity to attend a number of conferences and societal events throughout my studies and believe it to be an integral part of the postgraduate process. This year we plan to use our funding to organise half day conference style events, outreach programmes and socials in order to achieve this end. However, along with the events that we are currently offering, this should be viewed as an open invitation to suggest new ideas and get involved as much as you can!

Our committee this year comprises of members from Liverpool, Manchester and Lancaster Universities, with events taking place in each location. The chapter, additionally includes members from Chester and Manchester Metropolitan Universities. Students studying electrochemistry at any institution within the North West are more than welcome to join, feel free to contact either of our chairs about membership. We hope to build on the initial excitement generated around the chapter in order to continue to expand and in doing so solidify the links between the various institutions involved through shared events and collaboration.

Lisa Rhodes-Martin – Chair

Jack Beane – Vice Chair